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Can’t be Bothered? Read on…


No Motivation? Read on…


A recent message in my inbox.


‘ I have NO motivation for diet and exercise and never have had. My whole family just sits around most of the time, but after the day’s work we all just sit around and eat in front of the TV and our shows. Yes, we’re all overweight even the dog and the cat.  All weekend we do the bare necessities house wise and then sit and watch TV

My family all tell me not to bother it’s our destiny to be fat. Now I’m working and I’m having trouble going as fast as the others and as for climbing stairs – well, forget it. We’re on the 6th floor and if the lift ever goes out what will I do? I’m probably a size 22, so not huge, I can still look really nice and feel good about myself but it’s the unfitness that is really getting to me. It is the huffing and puffing.

For some reason I work with girls who like to walk at lunch and like to take the stairs. It’s become a bit of a joke how I always take the lift and I am getting a bit embarrassed. I can’t seem to make any changes even though I promise myself endlessly that I will do this and that and I never do. I get home from work and I sit. Just like everyone else. Please help me!


How can I help this person change her behavior?


Well here's my answer.



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Planning meals can bring a number of benefits. Whether you are cooking for one, for two or for your entire family, taking the time to sit down and plan meals will not only save you time, effort and money but will also improve your eating habits. Here are some reasons why you should start planning your meals.


You Will Eat Healthier

Perhaps the number one reason to begin planning meals is that it lets you eat healthier. When you already have a menu of the foods you're going to prepare for the next several days, you won't have to resort to eating out or ordering takeout. As you probably know, most fast foods and restaurants today fall below standard when it comes to serving nutritious foods. Unfortunately, when you find yourself coming home late from work or too busy to do the groceries, you probably resort to buying pizza, cheeseburgers or a bucket of greasy chicken. Prepackaged meals are just as bad. Most TV and microwave dinners are often processed so much that they lose whatever nutrients they contained. When you plan meals, you can avoid eating these nutritionally lacking foods. Instead, you can spend time thinking of well-balanced meals and how you can prepare them.



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How to stop binge eating

It can be difficult to overcome binge eating and food addiction. Unlike other addictions, your “drug” is necessary for survival, so you don’t have the option of avoiding it. Instead, you must develop a healthier relationship with food—a relationship that’s based on meeting your nutritional needs, not your emotional ones.

In order to stop the unhealthy pattern of binge eating, it’s important to start eating for health and nutrition. Healthy eating involves making balanced meal plans, choosing healthy foods when eating out, and making sure you’re getting the right vitamins and minerals in your food


       Manage stress. One of the most important aspects of controlling binge eating is to find alternate ways to handle stress and other overwhelming feelings without using food. These may include exercising, meditating, using sensory relaxation strategies, and practicing simple breathing exercises.

       Eat 3 meals a day plus healthy snacks. Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism in the morning. Follow breakfast with a balanced lunch and dinner, and healthy snacks in between. Stick to scheduled mealtimes, as skipping meals often leads to binge eating later in the day.

       Avoid temptation. You’re much more likely to overeat if you have junk food, desserts, and unhealthy snacks in the house. Remove the temptation by clearing your fridge and cupboards of your favorite binge foods.

       Stop dieting. The deprivation and hunger of strict dieting can trigger food cravings and the urge to overeat. Instead of dieting, focus on eating in moderation. Find nutritious foods that you enjoy and eat only until you feel content, not uncomfortably stuffed. Avoid banning certain foods as this can make you crave them even more.

       Exercise. Not only will exercise help you lose weight in a healthy way, but it also lifts depression, improves overall health, and reduces stress. The natural mood-boosting effects of exercise can help put a stop to emotional eating.

       Fight boredom. Instead of snacking when you're bored, distract yourself. Take a walk, call a friend, read, or take up a hobby such as painting or gardening.

       Get enough sleep. If you're tired, you may want to keep eating in order to boost your energy. Take a nap or go to bed earlier instead.

       Listen to your body. Learn to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger. If you ate recently and don't have a rumbling stomach, you're probably not really hungry. Give the craving time to pass.

       Keep a food diary. Write down what you eat, when, how much, and how you're feeling when you eat. You may see patterns emerge that reveal the connection between your moods and binge eating.

  •   Get support. You're more likely to succumb to binge eating triggers if you lack a solid support network. Talking helps, even if it’s not with a professional. Lean on family and friends, join a support   group, and if possible mentor or coach.


Here's to living your best life






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Have you upgraded your snacks in the interest of more healthful eating? Perhaps you’ve traded in your afternoon candy bar for an energy bar or have become a fan of baked potato chips or fat-free ice cream. Maybe you’re willing to pay a little extra when the label says “organic” or “natural.”

It’s a great idea to choose snacks wisely. But many foods that seem to be a great nutrition value aren’t. Bran muffins and cereal bars can be packed with unhealthy fats and added sugar. Fat-free foods often contain lots of added salt and sugar.Here are 7 tips for smarter snacking.


1     Go for the grain. Whole-grain snacks — such as whole-grain low-salt pretzels or tortilla chips and high-fiber, whole-grain cereals — can give you some energy with staying power.

2     Bring back breakfast. Many breakfast foods can be repurposed as a nutritious snack later in the day. How about a slice of whole-grain toast topped with low-sugar jam? Low-sugar granola also makes a quick snack.

3     Try a “hi-low” combination. Combine a small amount of something with healthy fat, like peanut butter, with a larger amount of something very light, like apple slices or celery sticks.

4     Go nuts. Unsalted nuts and seeds make great snacks. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, cashews, hazelnuts, filberts, and other nuts and seeds contain many beneficial nutrients and are more likely to leave you feeling full (unlike chips or pretzels). Nuts have lots of calories, though, so keep portion sizes small.

5     The combo snack. Try to eat more than one macronutrient (protein, fat, carbohydrate) at each snacking session. For example, have a few nuts (protein and fat) and some grapes (carbohydrates). Try some whole-grain crackers (carbohydrates) with some low-fat cheese (protein and fat). These balanced snacks tend to keep you feeling satisfied.

6     Snack mindfully. Don’t eat your snack while doing something else like surfing the Web, watching TV, or working at your desk. Instead, stop what you’re doing for a few minutes and eat your snack like you would a small meal.

7     You can take it with you. Think ahead and carry a small bag of healthful snacks in your pocket or purse so you won’t turn in desperation to the cookies at the coffee counter or the candy bars in the office vending machine.


Don't wait another year — or another day! Keep that promise you've made to yourself


Here's to living you best life.


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We are living in a world where obesity rises on a yearly basis as does the rates of diabetes, cancers and so many other diseases. Almost on a daily basis scientists release studies trying to identify what is causing the pandemic when in reality the answer is amazingly simple. The problem is that we have now had a generation of lies about what makes us fat. The answer to weight loss and health for that matter is amazingly simple and it all begins with eating real food. This is my number one weight loss tip for anyone wanting to take control of their health and lose a few kilo's of fat. It is the foundation of everything to do with health.

So what is it about eating real food that makes us healthy? 

To answer this we need to look at what has changed over the last few years. 100 years ago we were eating real food and obesity was next to none existent. Slowly during the 20th century our food became increasingly processed and as this happened the obesity crisis began to unfold. At the same time the number of people being struck down with things like heart attacks and cancers increased. In fact there is a long list of diseases linked with obesity.

The problem is that processed food is generally high in sugar and low in essential nutrients. This causes not only weight gain but a lack of nutrients within the body which allows disease to take hold. This has happened increasingly over the 20th century and in particular in the later couple of decades when the world went low fat. At this point fat was removed and sugar in increasingly large quantities was added.

In short sugar raises your blood sugar level forcing the body to release insulin to counter it. If it didn't you would die. Insulin however promotes fat storage so as long as you are eating foods that are high in sugar your fat levels will increase.

Clean unprocessed foods however like the kind our ancestors ate are designed by nature perfectly to provide us with the right nutrients for our bodies to survive and even thrive. Many of today's conditions were not heard of hundreds of years ago. We ate off the land and we were active. Cancer for example is a modern day disease that billions has been invested in to treat. Eating real food could well be the key to keeping your cancer risk low.

So when people are looking to lose weight and get healthy the foundation of everything you do needs to be eating a clean and unprocessed diet with as many mixed vegetables and fruits as possible. Eating fat, protein and plenty of fruit and vegetables will give your body the building blocks to do what it needs to do. Don't worry about what that is just give it what it needs and let your body do the rest.

If you are looking to lose weight then eating right, it all starts with eating real food.


Here's to living your best life


The Weight Loss King 


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For those of us who work from home, we often get so engrossed in our work that we forget one very important aspect of life: personal wellness. Have you ever thought of how your health gets affected whenever you sit down for long hours while typing and sipping bottomless cups of coffee? It was not until it hit me hard that I realized I had to do something. One very basic thing I always forgot to do was to get out of that seat and do some exercise to stay fit, which was what eventually caused me to spend some two weeks at the hospital due to clogged arteries. During my admission to the hospital, I was given some tips on how to stay fit while still balancing my personal health, my family wellness and my work at the same time. It would be unfair if I failed to share some of these tips on how to stay fit while working from home.

Avoid staying up late for work - get organized!

Plan your day early, set up daily goals and develop a schedule for yourself to keep. This will assist you in avoiding those long night hours trying to clear the day's work. What many of us do not know is that staying up late into the night adversely affects your health. We are human, right? One of the body's natural methods of recovery is through sleep. Depriving your body of a good night's sleep will lead to fatigue and eventually this affects your overall health hugely - believe me. Go to sleep early and wake up early.

Go easy on that coffee.

One thing I always did whenever I felt worn out (or even just bored) was drinking coffee. I like the taste, and it made me feel refreshed too. Despite the numerous attempts made by my wife to stop me from consuming so much coffee, I went on. What I came to learn is that caffeine is not that healthy if you consume it too much and in the longer term. Drink water instead whenever you feel thirsty, plenty of it! And instead of coffee, what about some healthy green tea? Hipster style, baby!

Avoid  junk food 

Working at home means the freedom to eat anytime you feel your stomach grumbling. Admit it, most of you eat non-healthy snacks regularly while working. Be smart, strike off any junk food from your shopping list, and instead replace them with fresh fruits, zero-calorie crackers and juices.


The push-ups or press-ups exercises have really worked for me and I strongly advise you to try them. Push-ups work out the triceps and the biceps, are a form of cardiovascular exercise and also work out the chest muscles. One more thing - such an exercise does not even require you to get out of the house. You only need to squeeze at least ten minutes after every two hours of work to do a push-up exercise. Work out those muscles and stay fit and comfortable while working, as this exercise also straightens your aching back.

Have breaks and take a short nap whenever you feel tired

Rest is of so much importance, especially for those who do professional work from home which engages them mentally, like me. You can schedule short breaks from your work for yourself. This should be at least twice or thrice per day depending on the complexity of your work, as this will enable you stay fresh and avoid fatigue and straining your body. That is how much good just a ten-minute nap could do.

Get up from that seat and stretch out

Whenever you feel like your back is straining, that means it's time to take a short break to stretch out. You can also take a short walk around the block to breathe in some fresh air. This will keep your system fresh and will have a positive impact on your health as it allows blood to flow well in your body. This counters the effects of sitting for a long time and helps you avoid back strains.

Are you a parent? Get out and play with your kids (and pets) in the yard

During your scheduled breaks, you can take your son or daughter out to the yard and play some outdoor games, even if it's only for a short while before getting back to your work. Aside from your fitness, 15 - 30 minutes playtime with your kids does wonders for your family relationship. You can also take your pet out for a stroll if you have one. Walking is a good exercise and you should always try to do it quite often in order to stay healthy and fit.

Park the car and walk instead

Walk often. If it's only several blocks to your destination, don't bother driving a car. It might take several minutes longer to do the errands, but the health benefit for your body is tremendous! Another idea is to park your car a bit farther away than usual so you have to do a bit of walking to reach your intended destination.

Staying fit and healthy is important to a work-at-home Parents. You must never let your work negatively affect any aspect of your life as they are equally important to you. Your health should come first before any other thing. Staying fit does not have to involve strenuous exercises at the gym; instead, staying fit and healthy starts with a positive mindset, and then the simple things which you can do in the comfort of your home.

It is very essential for you to know how to stay fit while working at home because in the end, money doesn't mean anything if you are not healthy. As a matter of fact, developing healthy habits is not only for those of us who work from home. Whether you are a white-collar or a blue-collar worker, you have a responsibility to remain fit in order to avoid any health complications brought about by any unhealthy habits you have. I would strongly recommend that office workers use some of the tips I mentioned earlier, like doing some push-ups at the office during their free hours. This will ensure you remain fit and healthy. Remember, life is a one-way journey and never a rehearsal, so whatever you do always maintain and practice healthy habits at all times.


Here's to living your best life.

The Weight Loss King


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Weight maintenance after weight loss is a skill that must be learned. You must have a high degree of motivation and the ability to change your lifestyle after achieving weight loss success. You must develop stable, healthy eating habits, along with regular exercise habits. Weight maintenance means adopting healthy eating and exercise habits and integrating them into your new lifestyle. The following tips are listed to help you adopt your new lifestyle and keep the weight off.


1. Make eating a lifetime habit

After you have lost the weight and reached your weight loss goal, you have to learn how to continue to make healthy and wise eating decisions. Just because you are done with you weight loss, does not mean you can go back to eating anything you want. This is the time to adopt healthy eating habits and make them apart of your new lifestyle for the rest of your life.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercise plays a key role in maintaining your weight. Physical activity is very important for weight control and your health. Make sure you continue to choose activities that you enjoy to do daily if possible. Do not revert back to a sedentary lifestyle. Keep staying active and maintaining your weight through working out regularly.

3. Meal Planning

Instead of being on a weight loss meal plan, you can consider yourself on a weight maintenance meal plan now. You need to continue to plan your meals and know what to eat and how much of it to eat. Try to prepare all of your meals and if possible do not eat fast food. Instead go grocery shopping and choose healthy foods to prepare for yourself. Also, when you head to the grocery store, make sure you have eaten before hand. 

4. Have self control

Make sure to eat regular meals and snacks every day. Include a variety of healthy foods. Also, do not buy any processed snack foods such as chips, popcorn, etc. It is best not to have these foods in your pantry, so throw them out. Know when you are full, and do not eat after that point. Learn to eat to have fuel for your body to burn and not to eat for enjoyment. Once you master controlling your food consumption and choices, you will be able to maintain your weight loss and hopefully not regain any weight back.

Adopting a new lifestyle of new, healthy eating habits, exercising regularly, meal planning and having self control can help you to maintain your weight and keep excess weight off.


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A cat has nine lives so here are nine reason why you're are having trouble losing your weight.

1. You’re sleep-deprived.
According to a Gallup poll, 40% of people get less than 7 hours of sleep each night. Without that precious shut-eye time, the stress hormone cortisol— as well as blood sugar and insulin—all rise, which can make you feel hungry. Lack of sleep also causes insulin resistance, which makes it easier for your body to store fat.

2. You use a hard workout as an excuse to eat.
Just because you torched 700 calories at the gym doesn’t mean it’s a free ride to eat whatever you want. You also can’t eat something with the intention of burning it off later, because too much exercise can lead to overtraining and weight plateau.

3. You’re eating too much sugar and you don’t even know it.
Blatant sugar isn’t the only problem, it’s the sneaky sugars in so-called healthy smoothies, yogurt, and processed foods that can wreak havoc on your waistline. Fructose is by far the worst because it goes straight to the liver where it makes fat. It also elevates your sweet tooth so you want more and bypasses satiety signals so you eat but you’re still hungry. So read labels and slowly cut down on sugar.

4. You’re stressed out.
A recent study found that women gain 5kg  year when they’re under stress.  Stress raises cortisol, which breaks down muscle and lowers serotonin, so you crave more sweet foods. What’s more, because cortisol lowers stomach acid, you don’t digest effectively so you’re left even hungrier.

5. You train too hard.
You’re a cardio queen but too much can actually backfire. Interval training is best for weight loss and you can also train less in a shorter amount of time. Be sure to keep cardio to 2 or 3 times a week, because it’s psychologically and physically demanding.

6. You don’t eat enough fat.
Your body needs fat to burn fat but the key is choosing the right type of fat to eat. Healthy fats like those found in fish, avocado, grass fed butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and nuts and seeds are best.

7. You eat too late.
You might have a bedtime snack habit, but it can prevent your body from burning fat at the ideal time at night so try to eat dinner at a reasonable hour and then close the kitchen.

8. Your body is toxic.
Environmental toxins are everywhere and they can actually disrupt your hormones, lower your body temperate and makes your body hold onto fat. You can’t completely eliminate toxins, but eating lots of fiber, protein, green vegetables, having good elimination, and reducing your exposure can help your body detox each day.

9. You yo-yo diet.
You try to “be good” or hop on the latest diet craze, but this isn’t a good way to sustain weight loss and studies show it can even increase the chances for cardiovascular disease. Instead, put the focus on your health, not your weight and your self-image.


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The reason why you have to lose weight must be clear. Something you have to focus your thinking on. The “power of why” is what drives us to accomplish extraordinary things. You have to find your personal reason and let that be the driving force. Maybe you are feeling unhappy because people are making fun of you, or you hate what you see when you look in the mirror (one of my reasons why), or you don’t feel attractive enough when it comes to relationships with men/women, or you are tired of always being the “fat one” in the friendship group, or to stop having knee/back pain caused by your heavy load.

In either case you must think about what will ultimately happen if you don’t follow through. Even if it is tough to do the things necessary to lose weight, you will probably suffer even more if you don’t do anything about it now. To find your strong “why” you have to think about what is really hurting you the most being this overweight, or what is the most important thing you will gain by succeeding losing weight.

Take time to visualize these things. Put yourself in a state where you can really feel why you must do the change. Feeling is way more powerful than just thinking about it, or reading it. I’m sure you have a strong reason why inside of you, and that you will be able to focus on that from now on. Identifying your why will give you power. When your why is strong enough, the how gets easy. Can I ask you something? Does your why make you cry? Then you have a strong enough why to accomplish your goal! It also works well if it makes you sad, angry, pissed off or frustrated. As I said, feeling something is the most powerful thing.




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No matter how many excuses you come up with to deflect the blame of obesity, it boils down to one thing, your individual nutrition and activity choices. There are always going to be things that will make it hard to lose weight and factors that you will have to work against. Being healthy and physically fit is not easy! It never has been and it never will be. If it were everyone would have six pack abs and be out running marathons.

If you want to have a long and quality life then you have to work for it, and that the work to get there and stay there is worth it. It will always be worth it and it can even actually be fun, but it will never be easy. The only thing you can really blame being FAT on is each and every individual’s personal choices.

The key is to never give up and to never give in. If you slip up on your food or physical activity don’t sweat it, just start again the next day. It is not about making huge life changes. It is about being as consistent as you can and being conscious about your decisions. And remember there is no such thing as the quick way out, fad diets and gimmicks never get you anywhere, but hard work and dedication always will.

The Weight Loss King.